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Need to remove paint, rust or powder coat from your project? There are sandblasting companies, however there are only few abrasive-blasting specialists.

Alternative Blasters Corp., formally Hi-Tech Stripping is an abrasive- blasting specialty company. We blast with both garnet sand and plastic Media (Urea).

Sand is used to remove rust, paint, powder coat, mill scale and other coatings. It also used in commercial or industrial applications to prep for powder coating and painting. Other applications for sand is wood, brick or stone signs where a profile is required.
We also provide plastic media (Urea) Blasting. Urea is used to remove paint and primer from metal surfaces to prevent the risk of metal hardening or warping such on items like auto body panels, pot metal fender extensions and harder aluminum. For a detailed run down on all of media go to the media link or give us a call to discuss your project.
We have been a part of quite a few projects over the years. Cruzin Magazines asked us to help out on their 1956 T-Bird. Check out the story by clicking on the Articles link.
We were also selected to remove the ceramic material used to cast the Olympic Torches for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.
So for YOUR next project, give us a call.... We are the Abrasive Blasting Specialists you've been looking for!!