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Garnet Sand

We use an 80-grit garnet for our sandblasting media. Garnet is used for the removal of rust, paint, powder coat, pipe varnish and mill scale. It is also used to profile metal in the preparation for the powder coating process. Garnet can also be used on wood signage to give a "raised" effect. Garnet can be used for any process that requires profiling or removal of material. Remember blasting with garnet, glass, silica, star blast and aluminum oxide etc. all remove metal. It is impossible to remove rust and paint with these types of media and not remove some of the host/parent material.
Urea   (Plastic)

We use 12/16 Urea as one of our plastic blasting media. It is used for removal of paint, primer and body filler on automotive sheet metal. In other applications it can be used to remove paint, oxidation and corrosion from things such as aluminum bicycle frames, marine out drives and aircraft parts.